Bainbridge Island:
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Frog Rock. That's Lady Bug peeking out from behind.
This is Frog Rock, in Bainbridge Island, Washington (That's Lady Bug Peeking out from behind)

Talk about romantic! The now famous Frog Rock, at the intersection of Madison & Hidden Cove roads, was created by two Bainbridge High School sweethearts on "Paint Night", back in about 1971.

Paint Night is an old tradition for graduating high school seniors, on Bainbrige Island. They go out and paint their first names and graduation year on the roads.

Even back in 1971, the "Paint Night" tradition was frowned upon (in fact, it's illegal), because motorists drove over the wet paint, and the paint slopped off their tires onto their cars.

Creating Frog Rock was an extraordinarily creatative (and responsible) way to participate in Paint Night, without painting the roads.

The best part of this story is that, a few years later, the two high school sweethearts who created Frog Rock got married and they've been together all these years.

Just about anybody you ask, on Bainbridge Island, can tell you where Frog Rock is, as well as other Bainbridge Island landmarks.