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Photo of Mt. Rainier at sunrise.

Cities in the Pacific Northwest - Find Restaurants and Fun Things to Do!

Sequim, Washington!

The following lodging is listed for your convenience. Contact them directly for reservations.

Sea Cliff Gardens Bed & Breakfast - "We are a two-acre oceanfront Victorian bed and breakfast estate between Port Angeles and Sequim on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Backed against natural forest, the home of deer, raccoons and quail, the estate is fronted by lush English gardens that..."

Restaurant: While in Sequim, be sure to try the Hi-Way 101 Diner, a nifty 50's malt shop style restaurant with great food and friendly service.

I'd guess that this building was probably a gas station back in "the old days."

If you take a close look at this picture you'll see two old-style gas pumps in front of the restaurant.

Sequim, Washington is a popular destination town and residents will tell you that it is also wonderful place to live.

Sequim has become THE PLACE for retirees and tourists in the Pacific Northwest because Sequim is in what local residents informally refer to as "the sun belt." This "sun belt" is a strip of land -- perhaps ten miles wide (my guess) -- that extends through Sequim and westward across part of Whidbey Island. The "sun belt" region receives substantially less rain, and many more blue sky days than locations just a few miles to the north or south.

My personal experience has been that, driving toward Sequim from the south, it is not uncommon to get "dumped on", when your about ten miles from Sequim, by all the rain that the mountains have steered away from Sequim. Then, when you get into Sequim, the weather is beautiful! Here is why the sun belt phenomenon occurs in Sequim: The Olympic Mountains provide a degree of protection to all of the regions immediately west of the Olympic mountains, from weather that approaches from the Pacific Ocean coast. But, in Sequim, the Olympic Mountains have a unique influence on weather patterns -- maybe something about the way the mountains are shaped -- that cause a very pronounced "sun belt" phenomenon on a strip of land that is only a few miles wide.

In terms of traffic control through Sequim, perhaps the nicest thing that happened for bustling Sequim was when a highway that bypasses Sequim was completed in 1999. Previously, all traffic headed for Port Angelos, Forks, and the Pacific Ocean, had been bottle-necked through Sequim's main street!

Usually, you might think that when a highway bypasses a town, it means the town's demise. Not so with Sequim. It was a Godsend! Now, with all that through-traffic driving past Sequim (instead of through Sequim) everyone breathed a sigh of relief...residents and tourists, alike. And, residents and visitors to Sequim can enjoy a more relaxed drive to local stores and area attractions.